Active Bionic Prosthetic MyHand



Malaysia Most Affordable And Functional Prosthetic.

Smart, Light and Reliable.

Key features

  • Vibro feedback helps you to feel the prosthetic
  • Up to 12 hours battery life on a single charge
  • AI wear tracking makes service & maintenance time up to 70% shorter
  • patented modular system enables user to benefit from usage of external devices
  • Robust & sustainable design makes it easier for an orthopedic technician to repair the hand on the spot
  • User friendly mobile app enables you to take full control of you prosthetic
  • Less than 450 gramm makes usage comfortable & natural
  • PC Mouse moudle is going to make usage of a computer natural as if it was your own hand
  • Multiple color options can fit your skin color or create an absolutely unique looking flashy accessory

SALE price limited first come first serve.

Contact us at medicaldotmy @ gmail or or through support for more information and special pricing.


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